Lawyer Resources, Advice, and Links

Regardless of the reason (from drafting a will to criminal defense), no one (well, almost no one) enjoys going through the process of locating, contacting, and hiring a lawyer. People rarely have more than a cursory idea of how much it will cost, how long their personal reason for hiring an attorney will take, what their odds of success are, and if the attorney they have located is, frankly, any good. Fortunately there are a number of programs and websites (ours included) to help navigate this difficult task.
Lawyer Resources, Advice, and Links

Finding The Right Lawyer
Most attorneys focus on specific areas and will have both experience and additional training in their specialization. Some of the most common specializations are: Criminal, Family, Malpractice, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Tax, Civil, and General Practice. The following is a brief summation of each of the aforementioned specializations (there are many more, but this covers the most common needs).

  • Bankruptcy
    Bankruptcy can be a complicated matter. A bankruptcy lawyer can help you find what can and can not be protected, your eligibility, and the best kind of bankruptcy for you to file given your specific set of circumstances.
  • Civil
    Whether you are suing or being sued, a civil litigation lawyer will guide you through this process.
  • Criminal
    Criminal defense attorneys will help you or your loved one through the court system. From bail to the end (dropped charges, plea deals, and trials)
  • General Practice
    As the title implies, a general practice lawyer will typically posess a wider, but shallower, knowledge of a wide array of legal issues. Some do specialize as well, so it is a good idea to ask what specific area they are most familiar.
  • Family
    From divorce to custody arrangements a family lawyer will help you find the best outcome for you and your family.
  • Malpractice
    Medical errors happen throughout the country on a daily basis. Should you be the victim of medical malpractice this is the type of attorny you are seeking.
  • Personal Injury
    No matter the type of accident, a personal injury lawyer can help you find the proper compensation from the offending party.
  • Tax
    Being audited? A Tax attorney will help you through the complicated process. Considering the current tax code is around 2,600 pages you will definitely want someone with the right experience.

When you have decided on the type of lawyer you need and begin your search for the right fit - clarity is important, on both ends.
Try to be as clear as possible with what you need. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Most have heard anything crazier, stupider, stranger, better, worse, smarter, than whatever is on your mind. Ask.
Additionally, expect clarity from your lawyer. If they are to represent you they need to be clear on all matters. How often they will update you. How much you can expect to pay (while they may not have an exact amount, they should have a general idea).

Back It Up
Keep records in both directions. Be sure to save anything your attorney gives you and make a copy of any document you provide to your attorney. It is always better to be safe than sorry.
State Bar Associations
Resources State Bar Associations
Many state bar associations will validate an attorneys credentials. They also may provide a directory of available lawyers not available on our website. It is always a good idea to check your state bar association's website out before making a decision on who to hire for your needs.